How Tekno got “Pana” beat – The Producer behind the hit song, KrizBeatz

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Tekno is the hot cake in the nation thanks to his hit song “Pana” making waves on every radio station, club, cell phone and a lot more means!

But how did this song happen to originate? Well—according to NET—the producer behind the beat; KrizBeatz said the beat for Tekno’s hit song was meant for someone else, but the person turned it down!!!

What??? 😯

KrisBeatz—whose real name Chris Alvin Sunday, labels his sound “King Of The New Waves” and has worked with the likes of Reminisce in “Angelina”—threw some light on the production process.

“I made the beat in thirty minutes,” KrisBeatz revealed. “I already had the beat before Tekno jumped on it. The beat was for someone else, but the person said he didn’t like the beat that it’s not hard.”

“Tekno came into the studio while I was making the beat. So he heard it and asked if I could talk to the guy so he could have it. I did and the guy said no problem that he could take it,” the producer was quoted as saying.

According the NET, KrisBeatz revealed that Tekno“paid very well” for the beat.



“I’m working on his album,” he shared. “We’ve worked on songs. Our managements just need to agree terms.”

LESSON NOTICED: “Never take anything for granted.”


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