​D’Banj Reacts Furiously To Reports That He’s Owing N100 million

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D’Banj has reacted to reports last week that he is owing N100million. The report was carried by a Nigerian news site. Reacting to the news, D’Banj took to Twitter to let out his anger.

He wrote, “Silence is Golden, Yes! And you all know I don’t Talk! However, in this case, I will… Is it poverty of content or state of d economy dt led u 2 publish untrue stories about me wtout confirm 4rm myself/ team? @PulseNigeria247. ”

“And the others that follow like zombie… well i no blame una. Even heard @SOUNDCITYtv I was like wow! Utter disappointment! A Tiger must never lose sleep over the utterance of sheep. The worst thing than being talked about is not to be talked about at all. #Focus”

This is the first time D’Banj is reacting  to reports about. But the real reason he reacted is because he just released a new song. You can download it HERE

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