​May D Reacts To Rumors He Looks Like a Wanted Criminal

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Music star May D has reacted to rumors that he looks like he’s related to a criminal that’s wanted in Abuja.

News last week were that the man on the right stole 2 cameras worth millions at a photo studio in Abuja. The owner of the cameras promised to reward any one that can find the criminal the sum of N70,000.

May D wrote on his Instagram

‘It has come to my notice that I am now a camera thief .. and 70k is placed on my head… #awonoloshi they just don’t want me to be great!! So I decided to post this myself cuz I’m tired of their bullshit.. cuz it’s not funny tho.. is that what u guys wish for me? Thunder fire anybody who tags my name with this guy again… because I said I hustle for the doeeee no mean say I dey carry camera..lol.. again #Awonoloshi.’

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