Lynxxx Reveals He Doesn’t Have Babymama Drama Because He’s Been Celibate For 4 Years

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Nigerian singer, Lynxxx is definitely one of the artistes who has gone through an amazing transformation over the years, most peculiar of which is giving his life to Christ.

The singer in a recent interview with LIB spoke on an array of things from his personal life to how he’s been able to keep it drama free. See some excerpts from the interview below:

Babymama has become one of the trends for Nigerian artistes, how have you managed to stay clear off from the drama?

Like I said, I know why am doing music, I know what am trying to achieve, that’s what matters to me and not the enemy of my achievement. I stay focused, because when your eyes are on the price it’s hard for you to see things at your side so I stay focused. There’s no babymama for Lynxx.

You said having a baby involves Sex, are you trying to say you are Celibate?

Yes, i’m saying that. I’m Celibate.

For how long have you been Celibate?

For a while, for years per say

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