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» [Mp3 +Lyrics] Elhem mc – Labalaba «

  | | | | Posted on February 15, 2018


Elhem mc . . . oh oh oh . . . . Kaymoney on the beat y’all

Oya now, Ema Jolo
Oya now, Ema Jolo
Wasere Omo pupa
Wasere Omo Dada
Wasere Omo tiwa
Wasere wasere, Oya now

Motinibi loma kusi
Labalaba lolofe (4x)

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Oya give me your number
I love the way you dey move your bumper
Come with me we go be together
Like bread & tea we go stay forever
I like the way you dey move your hips
Give to me what I give to thee
Make it simple like ABC
When I move my thing you go move your thing
I like the way you thunder
Drop your thing like a big bazooka
Make dem people all around dey wonder
She dey for real she be pretender
No dey mind what they say or think
See them tripping now see them dream
The way you move & the way you swing make dem people think you’re a sex machine

Chorus (2x)

Make I be your maga
Spend my dough like a big barusha
Take you to the place where you never enter
Shut the door on all them haters
I no dey fight , no dey smoke tanfin
Stay with me I go make you see
Change your look from the base to brim
I go make you shine you go reign supreme
See my Cinderella, abi you blind like Stevie Wonder
Hating me, I go say dem father
Beefing me, say back to sender
Saying we go make it rain
Burning hot like it’s pure propane
You’re the reason why I’m so insane
Don’t tell me now, I too complain

Chorus (2x)

Motinibi loma kusi
Labalaba loko Bisi
Omo olowo loko Titi
Oko Titi loko Bisi
Motinibi loma kusi
Omo boya loma dele
Eja nawa logba Titi
Labalaba lolofe

Chorus (2x)



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